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Children, Play and Technology

Julie Coultas
What is the link between play, technology and learning? Researchers have proposed that technology is an integral learning tool for promoting social, linguistic and cognitive development in young children. But how does this ‘tool’ become part of young people’s lives? For young children, learning through play, exploration and observation is important and technology is a cultural tool that children use and assimilate into their everyday experience. In our evolutionary past, traditions in tool use were passed on across generations through children observing and copying their parents. Nowadays formal education also has a part to play in what is transmitted from generation to generation. Read all ►

The importance of play for babies

Julie Coultas
Play is an essential part of every child’s development. But when does it start and how do we recognise it? Read all ►

How does the VTech Baby range help babies develop?

Julie Coultas
Pushing forward in design and innovation the toys are designed to bring out the best in babies, infants and toddlers by encouraging them to play, learn and discover. Read all ►

My baby is learning to walk, what would be a good product to help her develop this in a safe way?

Julie Coultas
VTech's award winning First Steps Baby Walker is designed to support and nurture your baby's first steps. It features a detachable learning centre packed with experts and introduces music, letters, words, numbers, animals, colours, sung songs and melodies. The textured wheels, easy grip handle and durable design ensure baby gets ample support for taking those first steps. Read all ►

What do the VTech Development icons mean?

Julie Coultas
VTech use developmental icons to simply show how your child will benefit from the product. Read all ►

My 3 year old is more interested in watching Dora the Explorer on TV than learning. What would you recommend?

Julie Coultas
Dora the Explorer VTech Learning toys so she can learn with her favourite character. The exciting and engaging content will keep her stimulated. Read all ►

Meet VTech's Expert Panel

Julie Coultas
Dr. Julie Coultas is an evolutionary social psychologist with a particular interest in education. She is a visiting research fellow in the Department. Dr Julie Coultas of Psychology at the University of Sussex as well as a research fellow at Stockholm University.

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