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My child has a V.Smile which he loves. I'm now looking for something which will help his reading. Can you suggest anything?

Julie Coultas
For mums that want to help their kids learn more, faster, Whiz Kid is the learning through-play-toy that teaches them a wide variety of subjects because it combines experts that follow The National Curriculum with an easy to use console that can tap into the power of your home computer. Read all ►

Why should I buy a VTech Laptop over a Laptop computer?

Julie Coultas
Different levels of play to challenge the child as they progress Read all ►

My son lacks concentration when learning. How can VTech help?

Julie Coultas
Young children often have a limited attention span. Parents should not get anxious about this but rather should encourage their child's interest and attention without forcing the child to concentrate for too long. Enforced learning can be counterproductive if the child's attention span is limited. It is important to keep your son engaged and interested. Read all ►

Play with Gesture and Language

Julie Coultas
As children grow and develop they become more adept at interacting and communicating with other people. But when does this communication begin? And what can we do to help young children develop their language skills? Read all ►

Why play and movement are essential in developing physical, social and cognitive skills

Julie Coultas
When babies and young children are awake, it is rare to see them sitting completely still. Movement is important not just for physical development, but also in the development of social and cognitive skills. Read all ►

Why do we still love the same old nursery rhymes?

Julie Coultas
Song is a tradition which has been present in almost all human civilisations and used to share information and re-tell history since prehistoric times. Typically, nursery rhymes serve the same purpose. And like ancient song, many nursery rhymes have been passed on from parent to child from generation to generation. Read all ►

Meet VTech's Expert Panel

Julie Coultas
Dr. Julie Coultas is an evolutionary social psychologist with a particular interest in education. She is a visiting research fellow in the Department. Dr Julie Coultas of Psychology at the University of Sussex as well as a research fellow at Stockholm University.

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