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My son lacks concentration when learning. How can VTech help?

Julie Coultas
Young children often have a limited attention span. Parents should not get anxious about this but rather should encourage their child's interest and attention without forcing the child to concentrate for too long. Enforced learning can be counterproductive if the child's attention span is limited. It is important to keep your son engaged and interested.

Products such as VTech's Thomas and Friends Laptop or Bobs Alphabet Much Truck will keep him stimulated so he can experience the rewards of learning and achieving with his favourite characters. This will, over time, lengthen his attention span and enable him to concentrate more.

Meet VTech's Expert Panel

Julie Coultas
Dr. Julie Coultas is an evolutionary social psychologist with a particular interest in education. She is a visiting research fellow in the Department. Dr Julie Coultas of Psychology at the University of Sussex as well as a research fellow at Stockholm University.

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