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Is it important to spend time playing with my baby?

Julie Coultas
The amount of time that a parent spends with their baby can be viewed as parental investment. A child is born into a social world to which they must adapt. It is vitally important to spend time playing with your baby and you will get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of watching your baby develop socially. Young mothers have often asked me 'Can my baby get bored with just me?' The answer is emphatically no.

Parents are the most important people in the world to their young children. An infant learns through interaction with the physical world but more importantly they learn through interaction with the social world. Infants can learn from older peers and siblings as well as from adults. Vtech's Smartville is an ideal toy for encouraging young children to play together cooperatively. Young children can learn from the interactive aspects of Smartville, for example the alphabet railway and the animals that identify themselves.

This is also a fun opportunity for parents to play and get involved with encouraging their child to be socially aware, for example sharing the toys and taking turns.

Meet VTech's Expert Panel

Julie Coultas
Dr. Julie Coultas is an evolutionary social psychologist with a particular interest in education. She is a visiting research fellow in the Department. Dr Julie Coultas of Psychology at the University of Sussex as well as a research fellow at Stockholm University.

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