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Updating Your InnoTab® MAX with the Latest Firmware

Follow these steps to manually download and install the latest firmware.

Step 1

From the Lock screen, drag the Parental Controls icon to the circle at the center of the screen. Then, enter your Parental Controls passcode.



Step 2

Select Tablet Settings .



Step 3

Then select Firmware Update.



Step 4

The InnoTab ® MAX will check for the latest firmware.



Step 5

If there is a new version of the firmware, you will be prompted to download the updated program.

Touch "Yes" and accept the terms and conditions to start the download.



Step 6

A screen will appear to show the download progress and the estimated time remaining.



Step 7

After the download is completed, the installation should start automatically. This may take up to a minute to complete. Please do not turn off the tablet or disconnect the power source for the tablet during this update.



TIP: If you see the "Not enough battery power" message, plug your tablet to a power source to continue. The firmware update will continue automatically when the tablet has enough power.



Step 8

The tablet will restart once the installation is finished. You will see a black screen for a few seconds.

When the tablet turns back on, the process is done.