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Developmental Benefits

Role Play
Developmental Benefits

Auditory Stimulation

Fun and interesting sound effects draw baby’s attention to play.

Basic Maths Skills

Develops counting and number identification.

Cause & Effect

Rewards baby as they learn that their actions have reactions

Cognitive Development

Stimulates critical thinking through memory and logic games.

Cooperative Play

Encourages social skills like sharing and teamwork

Creative Play

Use imagination in a variety of ways and contexts to communicate ideas

Discovery Exploration

Heightens curiosity and encourages exploration.


Learn about the different areas of the world and their characteristics......

Hand Eye Coordination

Aiming and concentrating on a target improves hand/eye coordination.

Imaginitive Play

Imagination and exploration through interaction with characters.

Imitative Play

Copying observed action encourages social and emotional skills.

Independent Play

Games and voice prompts allow children to control the pace.

Language Development

Introduces the alphabet, letter sounds and vocabulary.

Letters Names Phonics

Teaches letters and their sounds, the building blocks of reading.

Motor Skills

Encourages fine motor skill development.

Musical Creativity

Enhances musical skills with music and sound activities.

Problem Solving

Develops logic skills and strategic thinking through memory.

Reading Comprehension

Expand understanding of writing and gather information from text.

Reading Development

Improve speed, fluency and expression when reading.

Role Play

Develops imagination and encourages cooperation, listening and turn-ta......

Science Concepts

Exploration of various environments & associated vocabulary.

Sensory Development

A variety of textures, visuals and sounds stimulate sensory developmen......

Tactile Stimulation

Mixture of different textures provide stimulation for baby.

Visualisation Memory

Engaging graphics & visualisation activities develop memory.

Word Building

Expands Vocabulary through age appropriate words.

Develops imagination and encourages cooperation, listening and turn-taking.

Role play is a form of social pretend play. Children benefit from social pretend play because it can help them to revisit events that may have provoked some anxiety in the past. For instance, after a visit to the doctors children often play at being doctors and nurses. Role play not only reflects but also contributes to children’s cognitive and social skills. Playing out an experience enables children to understand more about it.
Research has shown that during social pretend play, young children’s interactions last longer, are more engaging and also more cooperative. Nursery school children who spend more time in socio-dramatic role playing are also perceived as more socially competent by their teachers. Role play enhances many cognitive abilities such as sustained attention, memory, language and literacy skills, and helps children to understand and manage their emotions. Role play is generally a social activity but some children can engage in solitary role play where they create imaginary companions. Games where children can create worlds and populate them with their own characters can be beneficial.