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Dancing Monkey Piano

Features a guitar, drum, keyboard and microphone so children can play, sing and learn. The monkey dances when the guitar is moved.

Dart the Triceratops

I’m Dart the Triceratops. Charge my wheels and watch me race! Stay out of my way, or I’ll bowl you over!

DigiArt Creative Easel

Learn to draw, write and more with the interactive DigiArt Creative Easel by VTech! This fun, interactive easel can be transformed from a light-up dry-erase board to a chalkboard and drawing table for more ways to play, combining learning & creativity.

Discover & Learn Big Book of Boo Boo's

Interact with the 10 touch sensitive pages to learn words, letters, beginning letters and music. Features over 40 fun sounds and 15 melodies.

Draw to Explore Creative Centre

The Draw to Explore Creative Centre by VTech provides children with an interactive and fun way to give them a head start on how to write.

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